Dating an artist

25 Dec

Her stamina will brush off on you and encourage you to try new and exciting things, too.

You'll be surprised by how much she opens you up to the greatest things in life — things you otherwise might not have had the courage to do or see. She knows what it takes to make it to the top, and she'll always find new ways to try and get there.

So, whether you are interested into music, painting, photography, modeling, dance, writing, or whatever...there is either a site specifically for you, or there is a section for you within a site focused on creative people.

Creative people are 'right brain' people, while those who are more analytical tend to be 'left brain' it is thought.

So if you are a 'righty' seeking other 'righties', then you are in the right place, becase we have quite a few sites focused on creativity and 'the arts' listed here.

The artsy girl knows what it's like to have self-doubt, and she also knows what it's like to let that self-doubt cripple you.

She takes the path less traveled, so she's prepared for all situations that involve self-deprecation.