Dating after a serious relationship

10 Oct

One day, I was thinking about the fact that I was dating her, but my relationship status on Facebook still said “single”.Well, that’s misleading, I wonder if she’s ready to change it?But all of these feelings are completely normal, says Amanda.“It’s common for people to feel nervous,” she explains.Hi Meredith, I am recently (as in a couple of weeks) out of a four-year relationship.

I do want to go out with this guy and while I don't feel I am going to forget about my ex anytime soon, I am interested in seeing where this goes and what feelings develop.

“When you’ve gone from being ‘two’ to ‘one’ and you haven’t been alone for a very long time, it’s difficult to reformulate that sense of self and do things on your own – or with a stranger. ” Amanda says there’s also a bit of grief that comes with getting back on the dating cycle as well.

“It’s normal to feel grief that you’re in a different life stage,” she says.

The end of a relationship is for most people a traumatic experience and in many ways feels similar to a bereavement.

And as with any significant loss, it is important to give yourself the time and space to grieve for what has gone.