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20 Jan

Winds are going to be a big player in the coming days as a powerhouse of a storm impacts our region.Groundhog Day continues to look like it will bring a severe weather event across our region.books (dating back to the very first edition with a few upgrades a long time ago).

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Newsgroups, chat rooms, and e-mailhave spawned a rich set of acronyms and initialisms for common phrases. Facts about Cloud Computing in 2017 The following facts and statistics capture the changing landscape of cloud computing and how service providers and customers are keeping up with...If the Band Name Generator didn't make the cool band name you were looking for, you will find inspiration to create a cool name yourself.A generator is a rather simple machinery and won't be able to find and recognize any subtle meanings and hints that often distinguish the good band name from the great band name.The Storm Prediction Center continues to highlight this threat… Please keep a close eye on this setup as we get closer.Damaging winds and a few tornadoes will be possible in this type a setup. Cold air presses in behind this front for the rest of the week into Super Bowl Weekend.