Dating a professional boxer

18 Oct

Geordie Shore newcomer Chantelle Connelly is clearly not going to be a wallflower.

“I love the show, myself and my friend Mary never miss an episode, and she egged me on,” Lynn (35) said.

Louis' championship reign lasted 140 consecutive months, during which he participated in 26 championship fights.

The 27th fight, against Ezzard Charles in 1950, was a challenge for Charles' heavyweight title and so is not included in Louis' reign.

He attended Parkdale High School, Leonard was a shy child, and aside from the time he nearly drowned in a creek during a flood in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, his childhood was uneventful. Dave Jacobs, a former boxer, and Janks Morton volunteered as boxing coaches.

He stayed home a lot, reading comic books and playing with his dog. Roger won some trophies and showed them off in front of Ray, goading him to start boxing.