Dating a fashion designer

22 Nov

She divorced her husband Ali Paanjani in April this year and after which she came back to Mumbai.

According to media reports, the actress is currently in a secret relation with a famous fashion designer.

You may think this is frivolous but is it any more so than spending it on a CD where you can virtually shoot people? We can guarantee that your striped top and black jeans took two seconds to choose, whereas we spent half an hour trying to find the jeans that weren't saggy in the knee.12. We know this isn't true, you know it isn't true but what we mean is we have nothing to wear RIGHT NOW THAT WE WANT TO WEAR. Don't try and pull items out or you will be mauled like a very very hungry lion. You don't need to be super fashionable for us to like you. We get really excited by designer collaborations/sample sales and may go to extremes to get the queue at 4am two weeks in advance to get our mitts on the H&M and Balmain stock.

It's nearly Christmas, the time when love is all around. Well, if you really believe that, then it's time for a dose of unpalatable truth. Design is everywhere – and you're sure to point it out every time. And any gifts you receive are subjected to a scrupulous examination and critique (see point 01). A cursory glance over their shoulder reveals they're creating it in Microsoft Word. You take it upon yourself to set up a grid in In Design (which they struggle to use), purchase a display font and design the best ever worksheet on 'Learn your ABC' that there has ever been.

If we say the words "I need to pack for holiday", run. So remember to take your own and get ready to freeze as we will be wearing it by the end of the night.7. But unless you've remembered me saying I loved it in store a few hours ago, I've most likely bought something similar already/gone off it.According to the sources, there has been a problem between Arjun and his wife Shefali because of Kim Sharma.Arjun Khanna has done fashion designing course from the American College of Fashion in London. He has also done photography with fashion designing.Casual dating and fashion have more in common than you might expect: They both offer instant gratification, are deeply entwined with visual appeal and can be extremely hit-or-miss, not to mention the colossal amount of choice.Yes, there are a lot of fish -- and clothing brands - in the sea.