Dating a cancer female

18 Nov

Take her to a favorite place of hers and she will be thrilled you remembered.As the sensitive Cancer man and woman fall in love with each other, they make one of the most amazing pairs. Like the crab that symbolizes our sign, our soft side is usually hidden within our hard exterior. Before you get involved with one of these fabulous, fiercely nurturing and sensitive creatures, here are seven things you should know about Cancer women. We are terrified of being hurt and try to do everything in our power to keep that from happening.

A typical Cancer man is a gentle person with lots of emotions and sophisticated mannerism.

Those born between June 22 and July 22 are quite the companions.

She's vulnerable but guarded, moody but dependable, and terrified of change but extremely adaptable. And though you may not guess it when you first meet her, the Cancer woman loves hard. Cancer women may not be swimming in acquaintances, but they have several close relationships.

He always seemed sort of mean and thought I was "crazy" if I was in one of those typical Cancer moods. I am just so confused Posted by prettyladii Meant to add...

In the end it was the worst relationship I ever had. I agree with spica that it could work out if he has other water signs in his chart, but in general I don't think this is a good combination (clearly there are always exceptions). most Air signs don't have the patience past the challenge phase, to really unravel a water sign and get to their core, and u cant get to step 3 if you haven't finished step 2.. I wonder why they don't work with water much cause they have far more depth than the other 2.