Database updating sort order

18 Jan

But a general answer for a relational database should also be helpful.Update on load profile: Since I am planning this for a web application, it depends on the number of users that use the app.The most used query in a Lovefield database is the select query.It is used to retrieve data from database and return them as rows.I'm working on a wishlist system, where users can add items to their various wishlists, and I plan to allow users to re-order the items later on.I am not really sure about the best way to go about storing this in a database while remaining fast and not turning in to a mess (this app will be used by a fairly large user base, so I don't want it to go down to clean up stuff).If multiple tables are specified, they are implicitly inner joined.

For example: function can take one or more parameters, each must be a table schema.This can be done by running the following Here we are using the group_id of 4 which gives the following result The sort_order is the attribute that you need to change to move the attributes around the page.In this section, the query creation and binding will be covered.Another solution I've seen is using decimal numbers and just sticking items in the gaps between them, which seems like the best solution so far, but I'm sure there has to be a better way. is exact, but the right sequence of moves will run you out of precision and your implementation will break badly.I would say a typical list would contain up to about 20 or so items, and I will probably limit it to 50. Limiting moves to single ups and downs makes the whole operation very easy.