Cougar dating site reviews

04 Jan

Take it from me that if you use a couple of free sites (searching for women 40 ) along with at least one paying site thats SPECIFICALLY FOR FINDING COUGARS (JC is my weapon of choice) then you increase your odds a lot and before you know it your speaking to a bunch of MILFs that are in your area and are interested in hooking up (some are even interested in regular meetings if you play your cards right! So in short I would suggest JC as a good example of a dating site thats made specifically for us cubs and cougars and urge you to add it to the sites you use for finding older women.I like Just but lets be honest, the competition isnt exactly great. We need a tinder style app for cougars but until that comes along, Ill keep using this as Ive had quite a lot of success so far.

Initial signup questions cover children, marital status, interests, smoking and drinking habits, religion, profession, income, family situation, relationship history, and more.

You must remember that cougars and cubs come in all shapes and sizes and many different personalities, so you are bound to find someone you click with.

You can add a photo if you like, which is easy to upload from your computer, or a URL.

Dont want to leave as this is the first online dating site that has actually lead to me having sex but could use more older female members in Glasgow soon for sure.

I've added this to the various sites I use to try and find cougars.