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04 Sep

For example, an invoice from the radiologist that offers no online bill pay option, or a bill from the physician whose bill pay info can’t be found on his or her website.This only serves to confuse the patient further in addition to any correspondence from the insurance company.When the Consolidate option is selected, revenue will be posted to a “Sub-Invoice” which can later be consolidated to one invoice.Note that by specifying the “Posting Date for Consolidated Invoices” the invoice can be posted to Accounts Receivable (AR) in any period.The Consolidated Billing add-on is compatible with Sage 50 Accounts (Standard, Plus or Professional) v17 (2011) and above.Roll up customer invoices into a single consolidated invoice which can be printed or emailed automatically to the customer.This allows invoices to be accumulated during in one month with the Consolidated Invoice being posted to AR in the same period or different period.Consolidated Invoices can only be processed from the Service Manager Day End Program.

This feature allows multiple Sub-Invoices to be consolidated to one Consolidated Invoice”.This saved Shell employees' time and helped ensure better relations with suppliers because invoices never got lost in Shell’s systems.Cole Chemical validates and consolidates multiple invoices from multiple suppliers into one easily processed bill each month.When Posting an invoice on a Document, each posting can now be individually set for Consolidation.For example it is now possible to post a standard invoice, and then create three more Sub-Invoices for consolidating to a Consolidated Invoice on the same job.