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21 Jan

Dear Rosie & Sherry, Everyone seems to be finding Jewish boys, but me.

At least three of my non-Jewish girlfriends are currently dating Jewish guys. I don't want to intermarry – not because of family pressures, but because I believe it is important to have unifying values in a family. Lizzie Dear Lizzie, We see that you feel a strong Jewish identity, and recognize that it's important to have a unified religious identity in the home that you will someday build with your husband.

Sign up now and start browsing pictures of Milligan College single Jewish singles. People who interdate may not have made this connection.Or, they may have decided that they only want to marry another Jew, but decide that it's okay to interdate as long as they aren't “ready to get serious.” with anyone.The children "derive a sense of security and a stronger identity from family rituals and from a moderate level of order, regularity, and structure." A variety of studies demonstrate that children who grow up in intermarried homes can feel marginalized, and often remark that they feel as if they don't fully belong to either parent's faith, or don't know where they belong.In particular, parents who want to expose their children to their own heritage often don't realize that it isn't easy for a child to grow up with two different traditions.