Classical music lovers dating

16 Jan

My fav piece would be Moonlight Sonata by Beethoveen. :) You guy should look into that piece if you haven't already.

: DKrist'NI'm not just a fan, I have a degree in music.

SO elephants are still the best in that category, I guess.

The initial steps to learning a language involve identifying the rhythms of speech.

Owing to their exposure to pictorial cues while learning music, musicians develop a better long term memory.

However their excellent long term memory is limited to pictures.

Here are some of the facts found about people who love music through scientific studies in the past : The study recorded dating preferences of women at different times of their menstrual cycle.

Apart from uplifting your mood instantly, being in a serious relationship with music can help you in several other ways.

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The study found that musicians have the ability to remember information pertaining to auditory signals better owing to their training which makes their working memory better than that of others.

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I love classical, too as well, although I am not much into the history or theory of it.