Chrome not updating website

19 Aug

If you're doing web development, there's an option in the developer settings to disable the caching of assets entirely while the console is open to facilitate the rapid reload of new resources. I have this issue from time to time myself, especially when I am making lots of changes, I find clearing your browser cache works best, unless you have specifically set up some sort of caching.Also make sure to check the "Disable Cache" is the inspector settings. Please update if changes have taken implemented by Google.On a Mac, it's Shift Command R, or holding down Shift while clicking the reload button (as opposed to Command R or a normal click for a regular refresh).Some more details: For Shift Command R, cache is simply ignored and resources are requested like no cache existed. This is true for most, if not all, modern browsers.

Does Chrome have an equivalent to Firefox's Ctrl F5 refresh? I changed my gravatar last night, and I can see the new one in Firefox after a Ctrl F5 refresh, but Chrome seems to be stubbornly hanging on to the old Gravatar.

I don't know the key combination on a mac, but it's probably similar to Windows: ctrl-shift-R. What didn't work, the suggested key combinations or the actual answer (hard refresh to bypass the cache)? Also recognize that this problem, and answer, are four years old.... shouldn't chrome browser have a condition that looks for differences in css file?

This is not the same as a normal refresh (ctrl-r on Windows) that does not bypass the [email protected] ... maybe that should be added to the chrome's bug list. @Ian Browsers keep css in the local cache to speed up browsing.

You can also rename the resource that is considered "stale".

You need to do a hard refresh that bypasses the browser cache. But it still shows up when searching for this problem. why did I have to do this to get chrome to update my new css changes? I even cleared all the history for the url before trying this.