Christian fascism judeo liquidating modern worldview

01 Sep

I have grown up reading that Nazism represented the threat of a conservative, right wing government. To put it briefly, the communist Soviet intellectuals – and all leftist Western intellectuals influenced by them – created a false dichotomy between fascism and communism.

Zeev Sternhall observed how study of fascist ideology had been obscured by “the official Marxist interpretation of fascism” [Sternhall, “Fascist Ideology,” in , p. Marxism simply redefined fascism as its polar opposite in order to create a bogeyman: If Marxism was progressive, fascism became conservative.

In his book Mein Kampf and in public speeches prior to and in the early years of his rule, he affirmed a belief in Christianity.

Hitler publicly claimed he believed in Christianity and an active God, and in one speech, he stated that he held Jesus in high esteem as an "Aryan fighter" who struggled against Jewry and Jewish materialism.

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