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08 Dec

Mr Han's weeks appear, from the diary, to revolve around paying visits to various women in hotel rooms, resting, and purchasing the latest mobile phones and computers.

On a number of days, the sole entry in his diary is: "Spent all day home, playing with [a new] mobile phone".

Around 30 are believed left in the city, but these silent witnesses to history are disappearing amid rapid urban development and China’s hesitance to memorialise the painful episode.

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A young Chinese couple have been married for eight years.The mother of a child identified by only her Weibo (China's Twitter) username posted comments and photos from the text online, sparking the debate."Textbook featured not only illustrations of the reproductive organs and of two people having sex, but also portrayed discussions about sexual harassment," she said. Likes to cook but would rather go out to eat at a good restaurant. In 140 brief, but candid, entries, Han Feng, the sales director of a state-owned tobacco monopoly in Guangxi province, in southern China, chronicles five months of juggling his relationships with various women, attending drink-fuelled banquets and, occasionally, popping into the office.