29 Dec

HOW TO TALK TO CHATTERBOT: Press space to say something. One of the more pernicious effects of constant communication through technology is the magnified anxiety over a system failure when people manage to talk face-to-face: a limp handshake, a joke that doesn’t land, an awkward pause, a collision with a doorway.


The idea sprung from a workshop held by the Asperger’s Association of New England, where Hoque and fellow researchers were approached by people seeking a technological solution to their social hardships. Just relax and be yourself.” The college kid, in a gray engineering T-shirt, looked back at the screen with an accepting frown and nodded, “O. He hunched over slightly, and thought aloud, “I don’t know.”Mary prodded, “Hi. I can’t find you.” He waved his hands at the screen. “When there’s a person there, it’s very intimidating,” he said.

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Let me give it some context: I am a psychology student and a programmer.

If it doesn't know the answer, it looks for certain words and then gives a random answer based off of that. :) UPDATES: September 17/2016- Added "Give me a hug." and "How many questions have I asked? December 18/2015 - Added "Good job" and "Great job".

If it has absolutely no idea what was said, it says a general statement. November 25/2015 - Added "How many ___ until Christmas? "Octover 18/2015 - Added "I do not like you" and "How much/many..."September 25/2015 - Added "Are you stupid?