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24 Jan

Conflict over the anti-discrimination laws is "almost inevitable", according the submission."The effect of the Act is to empower those who have espoused one value system to impose their beliefs on those with contrary beliefs," it said.

In a submission to a federal parliamentary inquiry on freedom of belief, Family Voice said a person with a mental illness had the potential to interfere with a church service."For very good reasons a religion may not wish to engage a person who has a mental illness and displays disturbed behaviour," the submission read. I went to Hobby Lobby on I-40 today by myself around 2pm.I ignored it for a bit and then she started to make me feel uncomfortable so I went back and forth across the store to see if she was actually following me. After a brief run around the store I made a dash for the register. I stuck with my instinct and got out of line staring her down in the process.There are endless social programming events at Hotel Oakland, which occur on a daily basis.Below is a summary of the in-house events happening at Hotel Oakland.