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18 Jan

During a recent chat, Zo referred to the Qur'an as 'very violent' and even gave its opinion on Osama bin Laden's capture, despite the fact that it has been programmed to avoid discussing politics and religion.Scroll down for video Zo is a chatbot that allows users to converse with a mechanical millennial over the messaging app Kik or through Facebook Messenger.Earlier this year, Microsoft announced to great fanfare it had created an artificial intelligence chatbot that would "become smarter the more you talk to it."It was aimed at millennials and Microsoft and Bing described it as: "AI fam from the internet that's got zero chill!" The aim of the bot was to allow researchers to "experiment" with conversational understanding, and learn how people really talk to each other.Select the program you want and receive during 21 days each morning a message to start your new way of thinking.Gooster gives urban travelers the most relevant and off the beaten track tips, tricks and recommendations on the go. People are free to develop AIML interpreters and content under any license they wish, including proprietary ones. Please let us know if there is an Alicebot or AIML technology not listed here.

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Mail Online tried to recreate the chat, but it appears the issue has now been rectified.

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