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12 Dec

We associate it (in its poshest guise) with a rich Western man, an uptight, over cerebral, metropolitan character, finding despicable release in the cheaper brothels of the third world.

Sex tourism means self-indulgence and exploitation. No one can remotely deny that such things are vile. The course of life makes all of us excessively one thing or another; misanthropic or gregarious, competitive or too fearful of rivals, too focused on money or overly carefree…

Many of the most popular YA novels are pretty brutal, rape and murder are a common ingredient. But how far can you go, before you cross the line into adult fiction, simply by being too detailed or too extreme?

I'm writing a novel about a young woman who gets drawn into a terrorist network and commits some atrocious acts before she turns from this path.

The hen's grave is inscribed, in translation: "To my affectionate hen, who lived for 16 years, a faithful inseparable companion, mourned by your mistress who remains, inconsolable.

To you I was attached, you will never be forgotten."There's Irish novelist and playwright Samuel Beckett, architect Charles Garnier (he built the Paris Garnier opera house), industrialist Andre Citroen of car fame and, more recently, French singer, songwriter and sex symbol Serge Gainsbourg.

If one’s honest, there are really some very intriguing locals here.

Floris has just asked if you’d like a mushroom Bitterballen and Saartje is encouraging you to try the latest Pure Noodzaak.

If it's too graphic for a 13-year-old to be watching in a movie theatre, it's probably too graphic to be published in the YA category.This is the domain of France's illustrious men (the only women buried in this stately building being Nobel-prize-winning scientist Marie Curie and Sophie Berthelot, wife of chemist Marcellin Berthelot).There's the posthumously mobile Emile Zola; fellow writer Voltaire, writing for the blind inventor Louis Braille and, it seems, entire armies of soldiers, politicians, artists, scientists and thinkers.But to say that all sex abroad is always repugnant is to miss (for very understandable reasons) the more constructive possibilities which lurk in the vicinity of the term sex tourism: the possibility of getting closer to a nation and its virtues by sleeping with a local person. A search for the missing parts of ourselves – for the dispositions which will balance us and allow us to grow more complete – often feeds a desire to travel to a particular place. The slightly chaotic one feels drawn to the virtues of a northern Protestant land.The Netherlands has developed a national talent for ambitious ordinariness.