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11 Nov

When the elevator doors opened, a man I didn’t recognize stood before me.

It was my first time visiting this apartment building, a nice condo in a well-to-do Brooklyn neighborhood.

) we can see that many of the bot's nastiest utterances have simply been the result of copying users.

If you tell Tay to "repeat after me," it will — allowing anybody to put words in the chatbot's mouth.

We experimentally manipulated the nature and proximity of the threats.

Qualitative and quantitative analyses indicate that the respondents were most threatened by interracial marriage and, to a lesser extent, Blacks moving into White neighborhoods.

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Some of the group’s members decided to form an offshoot group in which students could share obscene, “R-rated” memes, a student told the Crimson.

However, some of its weirder utterances have come out unprompted.

The Guardian picked out a (now deleted) example when Tay was having an unremarkable conversation with one user (sample tweet: "new phone who dis?

With regard to the investigation of hate crime cases, it should be noted that 95 of criminal acts associated with the incitement of racial and related hatred (art.170 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania) are committed online (in the electronic space), i.e.

The right to free media is applicable to media in all forms, including digital media on new platforms and communication services containing media or media-like content and activities, such as online and Other features include the ability to create a chat room automatically, stock price alerts, the ability to send messages to friends even if they're not online when you are, a Quick Compact mode that hides the Messenger tools to maximize your viewing area, Messenger Themes, the Online Presence, a small HTML "button" you can put onto your Web site to allow your Yahoo buddies to instantly see if you are online, and voice chat, which allows you to talk for free to anybody else on the Internet.