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17 Jan

In New York City, the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Richard Condon, has fielded 995 complaints about “inappropriate relationships” between Department of Education employees and students since April 2009.SCI substantiated 145 of them, the agency revealed Friday.

"billie227" then posts a video of Laura Barns recording a video similar to that of Amanda Todd's, which took place in real life.

For women, though, the app lets you invite your girlfriends into the chat without your match knowing.

That’s right, your girls can spy on your conversations in “ghost mode,” and even weigh in on the conversation without it showing up for the match. If you’re a girl on dating apps, you know why this feature can be helpful.

“I can’t say I’ll ever get past the fear of being discovered,” the married teacher, 33, told the boy.

“But I can promise I will do my best to work on that.” Cazanave’s alleged taboo affair is just the latest in a local and national educational epidemic.