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03 Jan

It had only been three weeks since she joined us and she had so much anger. He had told me to calm down and not overreact and give the helper a chance as she seemed to have a lot of problems back home.

So I had him promise me to check the nanny cam every day.

Within a week of *Lisa working for us, we found out that she had lied about having friends and relatives here. Before the incident via recording, we would see her sitting in the corner of our living room or in the kitchen and talking to herself while crying.

So we tried to be understanding towards her family situation.

I don't think you should be able to 1-hit insta-kill from such a low-skill ability. The hitbox for RP also seems overly large.2) Slam feel a bit ineffectual as a damage ability - feels like a movement thing - not sure if that was the intention. Just look at that: Zybu Ap ODoes any of these look like intended behaviour to you?

1) I think his hitbox on his main 1-shot right click is a bit generous.

Damage , zoning invuln time self heal So to me that makes a 2v4 a bit too winnable. Just look at that: Zybu Ap ODoes any of these look like intended behaviour to you? Not in the fact that he goes a long distance (well that too) but that he can deal an easy 250 damage on a 4 second cooldown and that once he gets in there he can very easily get out.

At that time, we had an offline nanny cam that overwrites every 12 hours.

During the afternoons when my son was awake, she was supposed to give him fruits and some snacks. We told her to make sure she feeds him instead of eating his food.

) If skies are clear, you may notice some temperature differences between locations on a regional scale during the eclipse that you wouldn't expect. You should notice a pronounced darkening in visible satellite images as the moon's shadow is cast during the eclipse.

You can see examples of this from a 2016 eclipse over the Pacific Ocean U. |) Below are a sampling of cams from our friends at Weather Underground from locations that will see 100 percent coverage by the eclipse.