Brooks bachelorette dating

29 Dec

Desiree Hartsock's road to happily ever after had a few speedbumps on it. Brooks Forester and Drew Kenney, the men who made it to the final three along with her now-fiancee Chris Siegfried.

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I had time to consider all the options of what would be the outcome. As I said last night, it was apparent that Des had those feelings for Chris and I know Chris has those feelings for her. I understood that she was going through something difficult.Luckily for us, he got on the phone to reporters to talk about ? I know I made the right decision, and that was being honest with Des and myself.That conversation and the break-up, as difficult as it was and as bad as it hurt, I just don't know how I can regret being honest.What does Brooks think of his date's bridal getup? A source reveals to Us Weekly exclusively that Kenney, 27, is dating Vanessa Magos, 23.