Bradley cooper dating j lo

23 Oct

Just days ago, Lopez posted some reflections on Christmas about her year of “ups and downs.” But she noted that she was “surrounded by love and overflowing with gratitude for the many new blessings in my life!!!

Lo, or Lo-Riguez, or Rod-Pez, whatever you want to call it) are carrying themselves as if theirs is the most important celebrity romance in the world. They are , baring midriff, carrying notebooks, pointing like goddamn maniacs. Let’s do what any good gossip cop would do: establish a timeline and subject paparazzi photos to extreme scrutiny. Sometimes it shows up when you’re least expecting it, like less than a month after you’ve announced your breakup with Silicon Valley CEO Anne Wojcicki.

After one short month of public dating, J-Rod (or A.

If Alex Rodriguez had Jennifer Lopez’s love, and she gave him all her trust, would he comfort her? Sometimes it comes at an inopportune time, like a month before Drake raps about drunk-texting you. reported that Lopez’s relationship with Drake had ended after two totally not fake months in early February.

This is my opus to Brit-Brit and I hope you enjoy it, study it, debate it with friends or family, and leave your own opinions to her Greatest Songs in our comments section.

There’s a lot to get to, so let’s kick things off with #30: 30. was wondering if you can get pregnant on a sex swing.

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Lo) was well on its way to being the most endearing and also terrifyingly powerful celebrity couple on this green earth, it was certainly clear the next day, when the pair decamped to noted hotspot George M.I know this because they were photographed together on a boat, and you don’t take a casual fling on a boat. In Lopez’s grainy selfie — added to her Instagram story — she’s front and center, wearing a contented expression I can describe only as radically postcoital.Behind her right ear, Rodriguez’s face is visible but obscured. Lopez quickly deleted the post, but not before broadcasting it to some portion of her follower base the size of the United Kingdom, give or take a few million people. Later that week, the couple was photographed (separately) on their way to dinner (together) in Miami.It’s also unclear who snapped the pic, but we’re sure whoever did feels a little icky about it because they were third-wheeling in a big way.691,000 times. While Drake’s on-again, off-again thing with Rihanna has been complicated, Lopez’s entire romantic history is like … She has been married three times — and was recently linked to her third husband, Marc Anthony, again after they shared a steamy stage kiss.Although neither Jennifer, 47, nor Drake, 30, has officially confirmed anything romantic is going on, we’ll going to call it right now that they are together because. She has also been engaged to Ben Affleck and dated Diddy, Bradley Cooper, and Wesley Snipes.