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13 Oct

The theory out there — usually advanced by frustrated guys complaining about the “jerks” who get the women they can’t have and those who constantly worry that a “bad boy” might steal away the woman they love and they won’t be able to do a damn thing about it — is that women must somehow be “addicted’ to shady and scandalous characters who demean, humiliate and treat them like disposable objects.

First up, to generalize and say all bad boys are the same and that every bad boy is up to no good, is to have a serious tunnel vision on the sex appeal of the bad boy.

Many of these women fall for these men knowing too well that these men want a shag but not a relationship, or cheated on their last girlfriends, or have a long rap sheet, or have never held a steady job, or are zonked out on drugs and alcohol every evening etc.Despite the universal “blueprint that says boy meets girl”, former music journo Martin Fry is struggling in his quest to find love’s “real Mc Coy”, and contends, in his angsty croon, that tears are not enough to prove that a girl’s emotions are genuine.GM Listen on Spotify The enormous success of Mamma Mia!Dating is the path to love -- and that path, as we know, can be a minefield. "You're going to go through a lot of people, until you find someone where there is some kinetic thing, some magnetism, some desire to know more," says Pepper Schwartz, Ph D, a sociologist at the University of Washington in Seattle. There's serious stuff out there, like HIV and STDs, date rape, online stalkers.