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Predominantly hunter-gatherers, the San tribe also grazed livestock around the Pan regions of Nxai and Makgadikgadi; during earlier days these Pans became dramatic lakes supplied by a variety of rivers and therefore providing a fresh supply of water for grazing stock.These days the Pans are no longer full of water (except during the rainy season!) and the San no longer graze livestock in this region.In place of this, there is evidence to suggest that the San were actually traders in copper which they bartered for iron.The city is still surrounded by old, abandoned mines.

Indeed the wealth and prosperity which the region’s gold deposits have brought stretches as far back as the 12th to 14th centuries.A maximum of 70% of the funds will be invested in equities...The Fund is a pure local equity fund domiciled in Botswana, priced in BWP, which shall invest predominantly in listed local equities, with a lower exposure to local cash. The fund will aim to be fully invested in equities. The Fund is a balanced fund domiciled in Botswana, priced in BWP, which shall invest in listed Botswana and global equities, Botswana and global bonds, Botswana and global property, Botswana and global derivatives, and Botswana and global money market instruments and cash, which results in a fund...The city was named after the British prospector and miner Daniel Francis, who acquired prospecting licenses in 1869, eventually becoming director of the Tati Concessions Company.Francisand other prospectors often used ancient gold shafts as guiding points for their prospecting, or they simply carried on the mining which had been started in those shafts generations ago.