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10 Dec

A personal finance weblog about my own journey to eliminating my debts and building net worth.Hopefully this will serve as a place for me to share and discuss my strategies and ideas, as well as keeping me on track and focused.In addition, there are a couple of borrowers on Lending Club looking to invest the requested money on Prosper borrowers.Lending Helper says, "I will use the money from this loan to re-invest in Prosper...Repaying it early will speed up the process so that you have one less debt to worry about.It will also mean you end up paying less interest in the long-run.

As a bit of background, because I know I have only mentioned it in passing, I received an offer in the mail a few weeks ago from American Express for a Blue Cash card with an awesoem balance transfer offer: 2.99% for the life of the balance!

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Loan description: I am looking to refinance my Prosper loan, which is currently at 22.75%.

Amount borrowed: ,400Lending Club interest rate: 12.17%Wow - if the description is accurate then someone really reduced their interest rate by refinancing their Prosper loan through Lending Club.