Blog on updating standard trim

26 Nov

The garage side had been painted brown and was even more of an eye sore: Step 1: Find your molding. I needed five 8′ long pieces wanted to keep costs down, so my best bet was this “drip cap” trim—the cheap lightweight polystyrene stuff at Lowe’s.The underside wasn’t flat which was not ideal, but it was the best compromise I could find so I made it work.

With MDF boards, they’re labeled by their exact dimensions.

For instance, replacing the carpet on the second and third floors takes precedence over adding hardwoods downstairs.

Before we do hardwoods on the main floor, we want to take out the wall between the kitchen and dining room.

As we are beginning to meet people in our new town, we’re finding that when they drop by, we end up chatting in the entry.

The problem is, the entry is not the best representation of our style and what we’re doing in the rest of the house.