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29 Nov

She is playful, loves a belly rub and will happily sleep curled up close to you.She's not a noisy cat and doesn't talk a lot but purrs loudly as she's getting patted.These are among the key findings from a new report based on a survey of 802 teens that examines teens’ privacy management on social media sites: Teens are increasingly sharing personal information on social media sites, a trend that is likely driven by the evolution of the platforms teens use as well as changing norms around sharing.

This is so important to talk about with your children, please take this episode as the much needed push to have this very important talk with your children.

We own the world, ’cause we not going away now Wait on yourself ’cause you can figure your way out Normal girl Why do you, babe?

Get ready to listen, laugh, learn and love as we discuss your favorite TV shows from a black girl perspective. In this episode, BGB talks about the latest episode of Insecure, Hella Shook.

Black girl magic, comedy, seriousness and truth will ensue. We deal with everything from Molly, Issa & Lawrence being their trashy selves, relationships, balance in perspective, social media stalking, ho-tations, bad choices and so much more.

In this episode, BGB continues the necessary talk about the Netflix original series "13 Reasons Why" with our sound engineer, Summer aka Mumma.