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13 Sep

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I borrowed this from another forum, but it's just too damn funny so I wanted to pass it on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This conversation is real.

Yes, it's that time of year when the livin' is easy, but as you know, picking up a guy ain't always a breeze.

There is nothing as hair-pullingly frustrating as being surrounded by a slew of delectable men and not being armed with a great strategy to break the ice and win a stud's attention — not to mention his heart.

Rub it on your shoulders, then strain to reach the middle of your back, look defeated, and ask him for a heavenly hand. Make up any rules you want — as long as they have you running around a lot and cheering loudly. Girl - 3 mins later: I love vermicelli Me - 4 mins later: That I could make anytime.. I don't even know how you look like Girl - 3 mins later: And this is my fault? That's what Hispanic women are, demanding, crazy, loud, brash, loud.. Girl: I don't mess with dads or divorceés Me: Loll can't believe you have an impression I'm married... Girl - 4 mins later: If you bring me some shrimp vermicelli with extra veggies and a shit ton of sriacha ill trade you. Me - 1 min later: I take it as a compliment Girl - 1 min later: Crazy. Me: I like the second one Me: Nice tattoo Girl - 1 min later: The flower I drew, or the roman numerals? finish your sentence love Girl - 1 min later: You can see the other tattoo on my other shoulder and the piercings in my face Me: I saw only one.... Girl - 3 mins later: 1/3/1985 - 9/12/2010 The day my oldest sister was born and died Me: I'm sorry to hear!! Girl - 1 min later: Isa is my nickname, and the last one is just a tiny set of angel wings like the kewpie doll Me: Seems like you should attach a lil description along with your tattoo for me lol Me: I see Girl: She ended up hitting a tree to avoid hitting the person driving in front of her and died on impact Girl - 1 min later: Its almost 2 years now Me: Wtf...? Girl: To avoid hitting the person driving in front of her she over corrected and hit a tree Me - 1 min later: I see Girl - 2 mins later: Yeah. Me: No I just happen talk to quite a few married women lol Girl - 1 min later: :| I don't bark up them trees Me: Meaning?If you’re looking to get lucky or spice up your night, you need to know about these services.Saucytime is a web app that enables Face Time video chat with real women.