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22 Dec

She then tried to call him and get him to come back and have sex with her, but he just went and pulled another girl for a one night stand instead.

He, like me, doesn’t put up with that sort of crap from women.

Read more As a result of a number of bookings that didn’t go through a limited amount of Kar Tenten, Festipi’s and Festi Tenten became available again. Unfortunately there no camper/caravan bookings that didn’t go through.

If you've ever wanted a step-by-step guide on how to be a bad bitch who "gets her way by any means necessary," Amber's book is it. "Grab his hand, and lick the soft pocket of skin between his thumb and pointer finger in order to show him," Amber advises. Guys aren't thinking about that "at all," she says. "Don't ever sleep with a guy because you feel you should or you have to in order to make him like you." Men love a challenge, Amber says.Here are 60 new acts, among them Run The Jewels, James Blake and Soulwax. All weekend tickets for Best Kept Secret 2017 are sold out.Daytickets for Friday will go on sale this Friday February 17 at 10AM. Previously all day tickets for Saturday and Sunday sold like hot cakes.On our line-up page, you’ll find out who’s playing on which day.We’ll announce the timetable, line-up for dj stage FOUR and our food line-up soon.