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"Charlie, Scott, and Alex have commandeered the TV for the purpose of video games (Charlie’s soldier is kicking the other two’s asses), and Evan B. Currently, America is losing the standoff, but the president calls in a new agent: Johnny Weir, a Russian specialist who looks way too small and thin to ever be on a battlefield. This is a terribly old fill to a prompt that was posted on the skatingkink lj ages ago.

Not necessarily in that order.) Evan is a black ops agent during the cold war.

Olympic ice dancer Tanith Belbin, who is competing tonight in the final round of ice dancing. "It was cool but nerve-racking watching her compete – to be on the balance beam like that?

"To see his dreams come true was amazing," Liukin says.

He helped create a non-profit organization called Dance Team USA.

She competed both as a pair skater and ice dancer in Canada before deciding to concentrate completely on ice dancing.

She was introduced to ice dancing by Paul Wirtz and competed with partner Liam Dougherty.

The kingdom of Jalinn has been in turmoil ever since the coup took place and the Browns were deposed and slaughtered. Max has recruited Adam to help him with his plan of sneaking into the girls’ cabins that night to meet with his sweetheart, and Cabin Councilor Johnny has already begun the struggle of “improving” Patrick’s fashion choices."Josh goes to summer camp. A.'s hip clubs and restaurants, no catty exchanges in the media. They keep making out in front of Jeremy whenever the three of them are alone, but go back to hating each other whenever anyone else is around.

The new king rules with an iron fist; everything must be just so. And now they were both at Sochi, just like they planned to be (except not), and the fact that Johnny was here with him, in exactly the same situation he was, somehow seemed oddly comforting.(Nostalgic Swangoose fic.