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30 Sep

Fortunately, we live in the future, where natural selection no longer exists, but pollen is nevertheless an utter boner kill.This morning, I kissed my boyfriend on the cheek and felt him recoil on contact.Saya masuk perlahan-lahan & kucolek tangan si Mia, nyata-nyatanya tak ada reaksi darinya.

“It gets stuffy in here,” you say, sexily brushing the bangs out of your face. I love going on dates that involve any and all of these things. I have terrible seasonal allergies, and my immune system has already started shutting down.If I were let loose in the wilderness — without my phone, prescriptions, contact solution, or Luna bars of any variety — I’d last about half an hour.You are a busy modern professional who happens to have a cat and an affinity for the Chinese place down the street. Obviously you would have cleaned if you had been expecting company, but how were you supposed to know that date would go so well? Ideally, you did this before you left on the off-chance you’d be bringing home a visitor, but better late than never. Dirty shirts with cartoon characters on them you sometimes sleep in should not be seen.