Automatic updating graphs excel role play dating

06 Oct

The y column data source has some gaps in it and I want these to be ignored for the graph. I know the "Hidden and Empty Cell Settings" exists, but this is only giving the option to set it to zero.

Any other way to get my graph looking the way I want it Image available once I have enough reputation!

Business owners need information to make decisions.

Some of them want to view data, not just be told what the data means and what their decision should be.

The Excel Web Access web part, which is available for the Office 365 E3 and E6 subscriptions, is used to display live Excel charts on a wiki or web part page.

You can display all or just a part of an Excel sheet in this web part.

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But I believe there is a gap between these reports filled with data and the minimalistic Actionable Dashboards created by Avinash, a gap that can be filled by useful performance dashboards.

It contains only required information so that it is basically a simplified web analytics UI.

The business owner no longer needs to use the web analytics tool directly, instead the dashboard provides all the information they typically require.

Calculates all the cells in the selected range left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

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