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24 Jan

The Board is committed to the elimination of sexual harassment in the district schools and activities.Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited and shall not be tolerated.History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Ashland Museum, with its artifacts dating back to the town’s start touting its close ties to the railroad, or to Scotchtown, home of 19th-century legislator Patrick Henry, of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” fame.In the summer, the whole family can enjoy the Strawberry Faire (June) and the Hanover Tomato Festival (July).Fast passenger trains pollute less than automobiles, don’t create huge highway traffic jams and could spur new connections and development in urban areas.Many Washingtonians take rail convenience for granted since they tend to travel Amtrak’s busy Northeast corridor to New York and Boston.

Chlorofluorocarbons (for example, Freon), tritium (a product of above-ground thermonuclear weapons testing), and tritium/helium-3 techniques can be used to date ground water that is younger than 50 years. Different parts or areas of a single regional aquifer may be assigned different susceptibility designations based on the evaluation of the relation between ground-water age and factors such as hydrogeologic setting or well-construction practices in the regional aquifer. The VAS study will use atmospheric tracers (such as chlorofluorocarbons, tritium, and carbon-14) that are commonly present in ground water to determine apparent age, which is the time since the water containing these tracers was isolated from the atmosphere. R., 1997, Hydrogeology of, quality and recharge ages of ground water in, Prince William County, Virginia, 1990-91: U. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 97-4009, p.

Susceptibility designations will be assigned to the regional aquifers based on statistical and geospatial analysis of the age determinations from samples collected as part of this study and previous studies by the U. Ground-water apparent age provides information about the flow of water within an aquifer and the susceptibility of a water supply to near-surface contamination. Environmental Protection Agency is charged with implementing the Amendments and has mandated that each state must develop a SWAP to identify source areas of public drinking water, assess the susceptibility of public supplies to contamination, and make this information available to citizens. M., 1985, Availability and quality of ground water in the Piedmont province of Virginia: U. Geological Survey Water Resources Investigations Report 85-4235, 33 p.

A young apparent age ( The Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 were enacted to ensure that the United States has safe drinking water and that communities are prepared to address water-supply contamination where it occurs. The VDH, Office of Water Programs is coordinating the SWAP for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

My alma mater may still sit across the street from a cow pasture, but there’s been a renaissance in Ashland.

What was once a sleepy little hamlet in Hanover County has blossomed into a bustling mini-metropolis, bursting at the seams with friendly faces and lots of new things to do, see and eat.