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14 Sep

THE NOVELIST IN ISRAEL HAS COME TO ASSUME a large and even crucial role, looked to as chronicler, sage and seer; and as we drove along the highway from Ben-Gurion International Airport to Jerusalem, Anton Shammas was beginning to talk about this - hesitantly, at my prompting, a thought here and there.

''The importance of writers here is the moral authority they have,'' he said in precise, accented English, speaking slowly, as if he wanted me to understand this was not pat, easy. That hasn't been lost here, as it has so many other places.

in Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain is little easy task compare to more conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran.

Assume that you have found a good job in any of Gulf countries and you have to live at overseas for quite a long time.In some gulf countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, alcohol is banned and there is no nightlife features.However, Qatar, UAE, Dubai, Oman and Bahrain allowed alcoholic beverages conditionally.It should give you some idea of what’s usually expected in Egyptian society if you ever meet the man or woman of your dreams. I went on two ‘dates’ (by that I mean hanging out in populated areas getting to know each other) with this girl at which time she told me that I needed to meet her father and request his permission to continue seeing her.It was either this or we stop seeing each other altogether.