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24 Oct

Later this week, he'll launch Harmony AI, the heart of Real Botix, a platform intended to bring artificial intelligence to Mc Mullen's sex dolls and companionship to the lonely, eccentric or curious.

Harmony AI is part Android app, part sexualized personal assistant available for download directly from Real Botix. Later this year, users with deep pockets will be able to interact with Harmony AI through a modular robotic head that easily attaches to most existing Real Doll bodies.

Making your woman feel sexy isn’t as simple as saying, “Baby, you lookin’ fine! Yes, telling her how beautiful she looks is important, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

You have to make her it deep down and truly believe it.

Imagine something between a horny , Mc Mullen sees Harmony as a sort of girlfriend in your smartphone; a companion to keep you company throughout the day. Further down the line, Mc Mullen plans to bring Harmony to VR as well, creating a complete ecosystem for virtual love.

The robotic head is far from complete, but when it finally goes on sale (for about ,000), it could be the world's first commercially viable gynoid.

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Your girlfriend might wake up and think she looks disheveled.

Maybe she’s had a tough time at work and is tired, un-showered, and stressed out.

Maybe she’s just too distracted to focus on being intimate.

In thirty years of HIV work alongside black advocates, I have rarely written on the topic of race.

It makes me uncomfortable, or perhaps I feel unequipped, unqualified.