An error occurred while validating 80004005 Sex chat lanka site

25 Aug

The error message "An error occurred while validating.

an error occurred while validating 80004005-2an error occurred while validating 80004005-51

Once I managed to get this working, triggering the process started to raise a number of exceptions.

I relalized that there is no reason to keep the downlod patch cache, so that is now deleted in a correct way before capture.

If you would like to keep that WSUS Client Cahce, open the script and remove the secion for each OS that does that part.

I currently have a process that spawns thousands of jobs (much like a batch job) which I would ideally like to process on multiple servers.

In my testing environment I have 4 Windows Server 2008 R2 servers running our ASP. 1 of the servers has a public queue called //create the sql server storage and use MSMQ queuing var sql Server Storage = new Sql Server Storage(Database Manager.