An error occurred while consolidating disks msg fileio lock

15 Dec

So that Backup tools only backup the altered disk sectors since the last changed ID (or backup).

So after this I suspected that was an issue originated by Veeam Backup tool.

When trying to consolidate (with VM power down) the disks I get: With this message this issue needs further troubleshooting. Note: Since this issue happen in my v Center DB and v Center was down, I had to connect with v Sphere Client to the ESXi host directly where this VM was allocated ( if this issues is in any of your v Center VMs, you should check which ESXi host is the VMS using, before power off the v Center).

This is normal in a VMware farm and happens sometimes (this could be caused by too many snapshot, very old snapshots or snapshot that were not properly removed).

All we need to do is click in the VM and in the option we can fix this issue.

But what do you do when your snapshots start acting funny?

In this tip, we'll troubleshoot potential problems that may come up when using snapshots in v Sphere.