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22 Nov

Internet tools, cell phones, and other information and communication technologies are being used by HIV-positive people on their own initiative. • If we were going to develop an application for people living with HIV in Peru using PDAs (handhelds/minicomputers, what sort of things should we be sure to include? Participants were demographically similar to those receiving care in both clinics.

Little is known about the perceptions of HIV-positive people towards these technologies in Peru. (What content/information would you like to see on the PDA? • Which type of technology device do you want to use to discuss your HIV health needs? Respondents spent approximately one hour for the in-depth interview conducted by an experienced and trained psychologist in each of the clinics (Impacta and Via Libre).

The purpose of this paper is to report on perceptions towards use of information and communication technologies as a means to support antiretroviral medication adherence and HIV transmission risk reduction. • If we were going to develop an application for people living with HIV in Peru using cell phones – what sort of things do you would like to see? After giving consent, all interviews were conducted in Spanish in a private room, and were tape-recorded.

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