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14 Jan

I’m surprised the college thing wasn’t used as an excuse here – “Emma was pursuing her education, and the relationship suffered” etc. Incidentally, just hours before the breakup was announced, Us Weekly had this story: Even though Glee lost out to Modern Family for Best Comedy Series Ensemble at Sunday’s SAG Awards, the evening still proved to be a success for Chord Overstreet, who managed to meet his favorite esteemed actor!The 22-year-old Glee star’s big moment came after the SAG Awards had wrapped inside Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium, at one of the evening’s after parties.We finally got into a bit of actual storytelling in this one.It was three different google docs to begin with (titled Nashie's Interlude/Nash Calls Chord from Nashville/Ry's POV While Nash Figures Things the Fuck Out), but we think they fit well together for posting purposes.When high school journo Jacob Ben Israel asked Mercedes (Amber Riley) if she was still dating Sam (Chord Overstreet) at the beginning of “Glee’s” season 3 premiere, she replied, “Honey, that is so June.” She’s right. With that in mind, we’ve assembled this handy list of the many tangled “Glee” romantic entanglements and where they stand (if anywhere) as of this fall. Kurt & Blaine: Speaking of Kurt, he and Blaine will now conduct their very civilized and mature relationship in close proximity since Blaine transfered to Mc Kinley High and immediately joined the glee club. It would seem Emma’s still having intimacy problems. Rachel & Finn: The odd couple is back together, though Rachel’s Broadway-bound bond to Kurt struck us as way stronger than anything she’s got going on with Finn. We meet our true BFFs while boyfriends come and go. Emma Roberts, entitled princess and niece of Julia, has broken up with Chord Overstreet, the boy from Glee. I actually knew that, because as soon as they got together, they did a “photo shoot” together at Disneyland or something, and it was really clear that this was just a professional “relationship” – like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens or something. Chord Overstreet and Emma Roberts have split after 9 months together, two sources confirm to Us Weekly.

A source close to the show spilled, "We missed Chord and Chord missed us.

Okay, so we wrote all of The Chat Crax in a 4.5 hour period on Sunday morning, 1 April, and then (obv) after we, like, ate something and took care of our families and what not, we just kept writing.

This is the result of that from the evening of 1 April.

But, wait — we’re not sure they’ve quite consummated that cohabitation yet.

We predict a little competition in their future, though. Marcus: If you’re the last person to know, we truly apologize — but Chord Overstreet is gone.