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18 Sep

We have been blown away by all of the beauty in nature across Canada.

Special prizes from our generous supporters are available for the winners who will be announced.

Welcome to one of the most well established brick and mortar specialty radio companies in Canada. When we started our store, the focus was on Ham Radio Equipment and CB Radios.

Our hope is to encourage more Canadians to get outdoors and to connect with nature across the summer months.It is our hope that by spending time in nature you will experience and learn about the natural beauty our country has to offer.So get up, get outside, and enjoy the great outdoors!Toronto – The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is one of the world’s premier amateur hockey leagues and is considered the top –tiered league within the Canadian amateur hockey structure.Through our leading edge player development, education and health and safety programs, we provide our 1,400 players with the training and support they need regardless of whether they continue to play hockey after the CHL or pursue other career paths.