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10 Nov

But, as always happens in a city of 9 million, wouldn't you know it, the two of them run into each other on the street the very next day.They spend one day together and Oliver scribbles his phone number on a piece of paper, expecting to never see or hear from her again.So, once again single, Emily Friehl pulls out Oliver’s number and starts things back up, three years early and just in time for New Years.But, inevitably, Emily and Oliver aren’t very good at the whole traditional dating thing.Midway through the flight, Emily barges into the lavatory while Oliver is cleaning a stain off his shirt, and, wordlessly, they join the mile-high club.After landing, they spend the better part of a day together in the Big Apple, then part.

In fact, there are times when the tone of A Lot Like Love could almost be considered grim.

A Lot Like Love is a lot like many love stories that we've seen before.

It's reminiscent of When Harry Met Sally and Serendipity, just to name two, but the overall feel to it is definitely one of recycled material.

This is a less fluffy motion picture than we have become accustomed to from entries into this genre.

The story starts "seven years ago," with recent college graduate Oliver Geary (Kutcher) locking eyes with Emily Friehl (Peet) in Los Angeles International Airport as they are both waiting to board a plane bound for New York.