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28 Dec

Josh always lose to Mindy at the Science Fair, fact that she loves to remember him.

Up until Honor Council, they were rivals because Mindy would beat Josh at everything.

I’ve gotten the chance to interview many of the people involved with Warehouse 13 – Eddie Mc Clintock, Aaron Ashmore, and executive producer Jack Kenny. I did my first episode when I was 13, The show wrapped when I was 16, and a couple of years later we shot the Christmas special and we went back when I was young enough it wasn’t work yet, it was just fun. I know you have your music background, and people seem to say you’ve got that edge and that punk rock scene. Like the scene where you went to rescue Steve’s body and walked across the lobby in the heels and the wig [Allison giggles]. TBL: That entire episode was a tour de force on your part. Because it was very different from most Claudia scenes. The emotional exhaustion gives way to physical exhaustion. People used to ask me if it was hard to muster the emotion at the end of season three to see Steve dead. I didn’t have any scenes with Joel, but when I walked on set I was totally star struck and blushed and ran away. TBL: No one has ever said a bad word about Saul, and I’ve interviewed basically the whole cast.

We can see people who spend all their life trying to become popular and yet end up unsuccessfully.Scagliotti let me know in the first seconds that it was about time we talked to her. I feel I should apologize for not having interviewed you by now. I think it was sort of the glory days of Nickelodeon, . He recognizes talent, how to cultivate a show into something that kids will like. I think the biggest part of me that’s in her is my sarcasm and that tough exterior to mask that she’s just a girl trying to figure out growing up. That relationship has been so richly and carefully developed I don’t have to do some emotional acrobatics to get there. Does that fit for you, because the show had Claudia’s brother on, but your coworkers are your family. I live alone, in Los Angeles during hiatuses and I fly up to Toronto when we’re shooting. We’re still waiting to hear on season five, so I don’t know how the rest of my year is going to go. It’s really comforting to have something as stable as the surrogate family we have as a cast. AS: I can honestly say, I only look back on that show with fondest of memories. The way I came into it was as a guest star likely recurring. TBL: So how much of your personality do you share with Claudia? It was one of my favorite storylines of the seasons, because as much as I got to play this tough almost assassin character, you know that it was all just motivated by loving Steve and knowing that she really just couldn’t live without him, not only in her life but in the world. Saul is an incredible actor and a really exemplary human being. We have as much fun as it looks like we’re having, and there is as much love as there looks like there is.They break up briefly in the same episode because Josh didn't told Drake about their relationship, but get back together again.Josh is invited to meet Mindy's parents in Girl Power, at first he pleases them, but after seeing Drake fighting with his girlfriend and destroying the living room, they forbid Josh to date Mindy.