Aish hatorah dating

11 Oct

The Torah provides us with two insights: First, in Genesis , when the Jews move down to Egypt, Jacob sent Judah ahead of everyone in order to make advance arrangements.

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The government of Israel awarded it 40 percent of the land facing the Western Wall.Rabbi Burg remarked, “For well over 25 years, Rabbi Greenman has been one of the driving forces of success at Aish, both in New York and worldwide.I am pleased that Rabbi Greenman has accepted this new position, and I am confident that his efforts will help Aish deepen its global impact.” Rabbi Greenman remarked, “From developing partners to creating and assessing new programs, my new role will, G-d willing, help bring a fresh synergy to the entire organization.The organization has branches in 35 cities around the world.Each branch has independent governance and funding.