Aim lifestream not updating

30 Dec

Check out the AIM team of Jeremy Rephlo, Christina Wick and Jean-Paul Cozzatti sharing the new AIM at TC50 (below): Later in the week through my involvement as a local DC host for the Geeks On a Plane event, we had AIM's Greg Cypes presents the new AIM to the White House and State Department.

What does AOL get when it pairs aging instant message service AIM with Bebo, the also-ran social network that it bought for 0 million last spring?

Now, you can read and comments on feeds from your and your friends updates on popular sites like Facebook, Myspace, You Tube, and Delicious within a single interface — this “lifestream” section is an expansion of the “Social Inbox” that Bebo introduced last December (today’s changes have been rumored for the last month).

When a friend on Bebo posts a video to You Tube, for example, you’ll see it in Bebo.

Your friend doesn’t need to a Bebo user for this to happen, because Bebo is accessing your friends updates on those other services in order to show them to you here.

The Social Inbox already let you import your feeds from Twitter and Flickr, as well as read your email from email programs like Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL.