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Powerful Project/Solution Support Visual Studio 6/05 to UEStudio Project conversion Integrated Compiler Support Integrated CVS Support Integrated SVN Support Multiple SVN/CVS Modules within a project Integrated Tag Support Project Manager Project Templates (compiler specific)Build functions Compile Build/Batch Build Debug Integrated debugger support for Win Dbg for Microsoft C/C applications Win Dbg may be downloaded in debugger configuration Windows Symbol Packages may be downloaded in debugger configuration Run Application Script Toolbar PHP/Ruby support Run scripts New PHP function to syntax check all open PHP files Parse Document Strip Comments Highlight Source Enhanced Workspace Manager Class Viewer Resource Editor Integrated Tags Goto Definition Find Symbol in Active Document Find Symbol in Project Files FTP Account access in file tree view Language Intelligence Intelli Tips Quick Tips Function Tips Extended Toolbars Standard Ultra Edit-32 Toolbar Build Toolbar HTML Toolbar Intelli Tips Toolbar Resource Editor Toolbar Tools Toolbar Style Builder GUID Generator Visual Studio Project Convertor XMLLint support Editing Features Support for Alternate Data Streams on NTFS Operating Systems Other Features Integrated Scripting to automate tasks FTP/SFTP Browser SSH/Telnet Window Clipboard History Codepage conversion support Backup toolbars and other personal customizations File Tab Color Highlighting Multi-key mappings (sometimes called chords)utomize is the leader in cross platform Automation software.

Automize is a task scheduler and automation software that can automate a variety of tasks, including ftp transfers, ftp monitoring, web downloads, web site monitoring, email checking and sending, telnet, ping, directory monitoring and more.

Its flexibility allows you to control almost every part of the site.

ae Dating's features include a user-friendly administration interface, support for multiple languages, uploading of photo, audio, and video files, virtual kisses, a site communicator, online chatting, an instant messenger system, featured profiles, and more.

UEStudio includes all the features of Ultra Edit plus Native Support for over 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C , Java, GNU C/C , PHP, Perl and over 30 others), an Integrated Debugger, Integrated VCS Version Control, built-in Class Browsing, Language Intelligence (like Intellisense), Project Converter, and a Batch Builder to name just a few of its advanced features.

UEStudio is fast, lightweight, and powerful and offers any Ultra Edit user advanced programming functionality at a fantastic value!

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