Adultsite to chat

03 Feb

The offenders have been targeting high profile girls and models.

They befriend young girls/ models on social networking sites and, after gaining their confidence, they demand the girls’ personal numbers.

This new rogue antivirus is detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_FAKEAV. Ever since FAKEAV malware began making itself look as realistic as possible, its attempts have become increasingly more convincing and sophisticated as shown below. Users can also try renaming other programs to enable these to run normally.

“It seems the offenders took her personal number from someone or during a chat on a social networking site,” said a source.

Remember that these porn filters are never 100% successful and will always have both false negatives and false positives.

Mikrotik solution: Install mikrotik proxy in Australia and let their government filter for you (suggestion based on latest news, YMMV)Second best solution would be, as suggested earlier, use Open DNS, Scrubit etc.i am using Mikrotik for more than a year and i have a bulk of experience just due to the help of Experts without any charges or fees.i hope this time i have a solution also as i had before.still waiting for the reply from Experts Like Fewi & Normis. Ok, here the explicit statement: you aren't getting the solution you want because it does not exist.

However, some of our customers took the “Ask us anything” a bit too literally.

Here’s a sampler of the weirdest questions we’ve gotten from that chat box, plus some commentary from Kristian, You Poundit's founder and CEO: Are you a bot?