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24 Aug

Please contact faculty directly if you have specific questions about individual research projects.The SCOPE Mentor Meet and Greet event will be Wednesday, March 8th, from -pm in FJS 151.At this event you will have the chance to chat one-on-one with SCOPE faculty and get your questions answered before applications are due. Guarraci The period prior to menopause is fraught with many unsettling symptoms not the least of which is variable or decreased sexual desire.Although preclinical research in animals has informed our understanding of human health issues such as the neuroendocrine triggers of menopause, much less research has investigated the effects of aging on symptoms related to sexual motivation and desire.One big problem I noticed is the ratio of males VS females.Unless you're gay or bisexual, you won't mind, but I'm straight and I don't want to see 20 guys jerking their dick, before I finally meet a woman penetrating her pussy with a dildo and sucking on her big titties.

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