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03 Feb

After raising her three sons, Eva returned to college as an adult learner and earned a B. in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Mississippi College to enhance her knowledge so she could help women, men, and children who are victims and survivors of abuse and violence.

Eva continues her education today as a graduate student working towards her Masters in Marriage and family Counseling which she plans to help heal and restore broken families.

The main stage produces five play per year and has an additional Christmas show.

The Parham Bridges Walking Trail is a one-mile long walking trail that winds through the Parham Bridges Park.

This year, MSCASA nominated Eva Jones for her hard work in our community to end sexual violence.Students learn to move to simple rhythms, improve coordination and balance, and learn very basic ballet steps and terminology.Other activities include learning through games, skipping, hopping, walking on the balance beam with fun and familiar songs.The Mississippi Symphony Orchestra provides symphonic concerts that are entertaining, informative, and approachable for seasoned orchestra fans or those who are listening for the first time.Concerts include chamber music, popular music, and special events.