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13 Sep

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He approaches the player from outside of the apartment, having been there the entire time watching the player, and since his plan failed, he has no other option than to kidnap the player and bring her to Mint Eye to re-educate her.

Requirements: Replies made prior to the revelation of the address to Rika's apartment is up to the player's discretion.

– Handsome Zen – The Lady of Bracelets – Jaehee’s thoughts – Zen is making a fuss – A slave of money, Seven – Jalapenos topping – Yoosung is living alone Day 4 – Jaehee worries about Jumin – Do not drink coffee – Jaehee’s position – Seven mocks Yoosung – Blame – I quit LOLOL – No girlfriend – Found him. – New RFA party – The game that starts again – Weird Dream Zen Day 5 – To be a star – Master of marketing – Handsome me – Value of beauty – Got the new role! OMG – Jumin’s offer – Jumin Cat=No – I will protect the world – Zen vs Jumin – I’m on the side of cats Day 6 – Injury – Please get better soon – Goodbye, Echo girl’s autograph – Released Zen – Cheer up, Zen – About visiting Zen – 707’s secret!

– Why doesn’t (name) go to Zen’s – Defensive Jaehee – What Jumin believes – RFA and their families Day 7 – What’s up with everyone? – Fear for the future – Being a Pro – About Echo girl – Zen’s discrimination – As a fan – Let’s invite Mummy – Jumin in the farm – Unstoppable feelings Day 8 – The power of RFA apps!

From: Seven – Do you think he’ll pay more attention to me than to Elizabeth, then?

– If that will make him feel better, I’d gladly do so (Jumin ) – May I have a favor, (name)? (Jumin ) – I’ll take care of him now Day 8 – A bolt from the blue From: Zen – Is there any way we can find the cat?

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– The meaning of families – It’s over – People talk but… – Yoosung’s major – 707 loves cats – Kitten and Jumin – Find the right owner – Just like Rika – Rika’s shadow – Rika and [Name] Day 7 – Magician 707 – Different person – Quarrel – Jaehee, before going to work – People from old memories – Drunk Jaehee – Advice from Jumin – Zen’s relief – Emergency! – I can’t understand V – Seven’s pressure – Conflict between Yoosung and V – I’m shocked! Day 9 – Suspicious email – Two men under one roof – V’s eyes – Shocking facts – The results of investigation – People waiting – Zen is left alone – A missing puzzle peice – I’m so sorry Day 10 – Jaehee’s trust – Can’t sleep – Wish for the best – Anxious Zen – Trust them and be patient – Waiting to hear from them – Return – The purpose of the hacker – Relieved Zen and Jaehee – I will see you tomorrow Jaehee Day 5 – I can’t control myself – Lonely Zen – Tickets to the cherry farm – Jumin is the boss – A vicious enterpriser? – What’s so great about coffee – Hacker – New side of Jaehee – Adding more work – Deal Day 8 – I can do it by myself – Worried Zen – Warm supports – Ridiculous idea – Relaxing cafe – I am free!

(Yoosung ) Day 7 – Same as everyday From: Jumin – Don’t be too stubborn.

Everyone is just worried (Jumin ) – Where’s Jaehee’s house?

Nobody will judge you, as nobody can find out your real name.

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